Rakesh Kamdar

President and CEO

Rakesh Kamdar, a serial entrepreneur, founded DB Healthcare in 2002 with a focus on healthcare consulting and staffing services. He is responsible for the vision, execution and growth of DB Healthcare in healthcare information technology services and nurse staffing for commercial and government healthcare organizations.

Prior to DB Healthcare, he founded information technology staffing and on-line exchange community business. He holds B.S. in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Gujarat University, M.S. in Computer Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology and almost completed his M.S. in Health Information Technology from Northeastern University.

Outside of work, Rakesh enjoys reading, writing, traveling, community work and spending time with his family. Rakesh is also an author of a unique book (on Amazon.com) – Karma Portfolio.


Karen Dell’Anno

Senior Account Manager

Karen Dell’Anno is dedicated to her clients. She has the talent, knowledge and is passionate to deliver viable solutions that bring value to her customers. Karen is a proven sales professional with over 10 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Her energetic personality is what helps her in building long-term consultative customer relationships. She holds a degree in business from Salem State College. Outside of work, Karen enjoys staying active, cooking and spending time with her family and friends. She is a mom of two very active children, one on a swim team and her little one gearing up for hockey in the fall.


Deval Kamdar

Director Of Operations

Deval Kamdar is the director of operations at DB Healthcare. She is responsible for the company operations and accounting. Prior to DB Healthcare, Deval was integral part of two major companies in Information technology services and international manufacturing organization. Deval holds B.S. in Psychology from Gujarat University. Outside of work, she likes to socialize with friends, traveling, and community service.


Tanu Basu

Recruiting Manager

Tanu has worn many hats – few to name would be that of an educator, a teacher trainer, a social worker, an orator, a dancer and a creative artist, by virtue of which, her ultimate forte’ has been ‘people skills’. Tanu holds degrees in English, Education & Dance. Integrity, sincerity, dynamism and passion for work are the ethical beliefs that she takes pride in. She not only strives to “connect” and “create opportunities” for her candidates but also aims at nurturing long term consultant-recruiter relationships, wherein, each would be looking out for the other, always.

Tanu’s only daughter is the apple of her eyes! Dancing to almost any beat, singing, writing poetry, dressing up her little girl, shopping till she drops, watching movies, and indulging in warm chocolate chip cookies to break the monotony of ‘health foods’ consumption, are “a few of her favorite things”.


Trisha Fennessey

Senior Recruiter

Trisha brings over 15 years of experience in Recruiting, Human Resources and Operations. She is extremely passionate about her work and her ability to find the right person for the job. She attributes her success to always asking questions and looking beyond what is presented to her. When she hears excitement in the voices of potential candidates it brings a smile to her face.

“You can’t teach employees to smile. They have to smile before you hire them.” - Arte Nathan, Former CHRO of Wynn Las Vegas

Trisha holds an Associates degree in Business Administration. Her hobbies include cooking, traveling and spending time with friends. The most important thing of all is her family and spending as much time with them as possible.


Sue Biswas

Senior Recruiter

Sue is a sincere professional with over 12 years of cumulative experience in Teaching, Corporate Training, Recruiting, Customer& Business Retention and Sales. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English and is a certified Teacher trainer. Her greatest strength as a person or as a professional, regardless of the genre she is in, has been her thwarting passion for learning new skills and embracing new ideas.

Sue loves to eat gourmet food, go on family vacations and see new places. She is a superb comedian when she is with family and thrives to excel when she is at work.


Jenny (Jyoti) Singh

Senior Recruiter

Jenny is an experienced Human Resources professional with strong background in all aspects of recruitment cycle. She is dedicated and passionate about her work and always welcomes new things which will enhance her skills and abilities. Three “Rights” contribute towards success in her career- “Recruit the right person at the right time, for the right job”.

Jenny holds a Bachelor’s degree in computer science. Her hobbies include singing, cooking and dancing. And last but not the least, she considers love of her family to be a blessing for her.


Rahul Gupta

Senior Recruiter

Rahul is young, passionate recruiting professional working for DB Healthcare. He loves to search for talented consultants and match them with the right job while navigating through strategic challenges. He likes the fact that he teaches himself new trends through recruiting process and gets to share his knowledge with candidates.

Rahul has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. Apart from recruiting, he is crazy about Hollywood movies and loves to cook. His family is his strength.

He believes in a quote by Mother Teresa: “You can do what I cannot do. I can do what you cannot do. Together we can do great things”.


Gracie (Gunjan) Agarwal

Senior Recruiter

Gracie brings in-depth knowledge of recruiting from all dimensions. She has worked for IT, Medical, EPC and Accounting & Finance. She is enthusiastic, jovial and possesses outstanding convincing skills. She accepts new challenges and is always eager to learn new things. She adapts to changes quickly, and her zest for getting things done keeps her going.

Gracie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and currently pursuing her Master’s. Dancing up to any beat, reading, visiting new places and hanging out with friends are things she loves to do.


Riya Raj


Riya is an experienced HR professional with strong background in IT recruitment. She has worked with several clients doing Full-Life cycle recruiting experience, from client calling, to job/JD obtaining to sourcing to placement.

She always believes in “Nothing is impossible – so work hard in silence – let your success be your noise.” Riya has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer science and a Master’s degree in HR. Apart from recruitment, she loves dancing & is a certified Zumba trainer – Riya is a complete fitness freak!