Why DB Healthcare?

  • Weekly pay, direct deposit
  • Corporate American Express card
  • $0 upfront expenses to consultants
  • 24 x 7 Telephone support
  • Optional Health Insurance and 401K retirement plan

Healthcare and IT – Candidates

DB Healthcare IT recruiters help you achieve your goals by understanding your personal and professional needs and your single point-of-contact who will work with you and represent the right engagement and provide support during entire placement process and beyond along with the client interview process.

We offer:

  • Secure engagement that’s ideal for you
  • Consulting or a permanent position
  • Weekly payroll, direct deposit
  • Access to on-line HR system from anywhere
  • Corporate American Express Card to cover expenses
  • Optional Health Insurance
  • 24 x 7 telephone support

 Our clients are looking to engage individuals as a consultant or a full-time employee in the following area and beyond:

  • Project Directors
  • Project Managers       
  • BI experts                         
  • Workflow Analysts
  • Business Analysts      
  • Interface Analysts     
  • Clinical Analysts            
  • Desktop and IT Support
  • Trainers                           
  • Go Live                            
  • IT Managers                     
  • Coding and Claims Analysts
  • PCMH                               
  • ACO                                  
  • Meaningful Use              
  • Pharmacy Informatics
  • Data Warehouse         
  • Lean/Six Sigma          
  • Medicare/Medicaid     
  • Clinical Decision Support
  • Provider Service Representatives
  • Call Center/Customer Service Representatives
  • Healthcare Enrollment Agents
  • Member Services Agents
  • And Many more……



“My pay and reimbursement for expenses have always been exceptional, with a weekly direct deposit”

“Honestly…in all my contract experience, I have never been treated like literal royalty. My very first evening aboard, I was both humbled and amazed to have you meet me along with my new boss”

“When you communicate with DBH all critical communication is replied back to you same day or within 24 hours”

“DBH works with the very best clients”

“The knowledge that DBH IT has your back covered on the use of the American Express card allows you to concentrate on your engagement”

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